CONNECTIONS FOR CAUSES empowers organizations to automatically store data for each contact in one place.

Connections for Causes streamlines data entry and Customer Relationship Management, creating a complete and easily accessible record for each constituent.

The Top Choice CRM for Non-Profits
Automate your operations today‎ from volunteer to donor management. Connections for Causes simplifies non-profit management.  This is an easily customizable, all-in-one non-profit tool used by over 10,000 non-profits.

“We were so tired of tracking our constituents across multiple systems. The reality is that we weren’t connecting the dots. Knowing which events our top donors had attended was almost impossible; ascertaining whether or not our volunteers were also donors was difficult; determining which email our current members were opening was a mystery. CONNECTIONS FOR CAUSES allows us to tie these data points together and to take appropriate action.”

Top Features

  • All your customer data in one place – No longer will you have to refer to multiple systems to get a complete view of your constituents’ level of engagement with your organization.
  • Detailed communication preferences lets you interact uniquely and personally with the contact or organization.
  • Importing and exporting contact information is easy and flexible.
  • Multiple address, email, and phone number fields let you reach your people wherever they are.